Enter the address details of the property for the application, then click "Search"

Note: To search using lot and plan, click the "Lot and plan search" tab before entering the details, then click "Search"

The search results will display in a new section under these instructions. Select the relevant property by clicking the small box next to the displayed property

Additional properties can also be added by clicking "Add more parcels"

Once all properties are returned and selected, then click "Next" to save and continue.

Tips for searching

  • Confirm the property is in the MBRC region.
  • Limit the search or enter less to the form e.g. don't use the street type just number and street name or don't use the suburb.
  • Try the lot and plan rather than the street address or vice versa.
  • Contact council to determine if the property is Historic or Proposed.
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Street number
Street name (e.g. Gympie)
Street type (not mandatory)