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Apply for a fee reduction or concession on a cat or dog currently registered with Moreton Bay Regional Council.

If your animal has been desexed since the initial registration, and/or you are on a pension with a registered desexed animal, then supply the required documentation to receive a reduced fee.

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The desexed renewal rate is a reduced fee and will be applied where proof of the animal's desexing (desexing certificate or letter from vet) has been provided.

The desexed concession renewal rate will be applied where proof of desexing is/has been provided and any of the concession requirements are met and the requested supporting evidence is provided.

Where a file is required to be uploaded, image files not exceeding 4MB/4096KB are accepted.

Tips for uploading files

  • Try and limit file sizes to avoid errors and long upload times. Many online tools and other software can assist.
  • File names should not contain any special characters.
Is the animal listed above desexed?
If yes, upload desexing certificate
Description of document e.g. desexing certificate or letter from Vet
Does person the animal is registered to hold a current Centrelink or Veteran's Affair pensioner card?
If yes, upload concession card
Name of document e.g. Concession card