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There are two rate concessions offered to Ratepayers:

State Government Subsidy - To be eligible for the Subsidy, the pensioner must be the owner or life tenant (either solely or jointly) of the property, the property must be their principal place of residence and the pensioner must hold one of the following cards:

  • Blue Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink
  • Blue Pensioner Concession Card issued by Veterans' Affairs
  • Repatriation Health Card - For all conditions/TPI - (Gold card) issued by Veterans' Affairs
Council Pensioner Concession -
  • Gold card holders are automatically eligible for this Concession also.
  • Other pensioners must meet the above conditions plus be entitled to the maximum rate of pension / full pension.

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A person can only have one principal place of residence at any given time. The address displayed on your pension card must be the same as the property you are applying for the rebate. If the address is incorrect, applicant/s must also provide a copy of the Centrelink statement of income or Veterans Affairs letter stating their correct address.

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If you have an animal and it needs to be registered please complete the Animal Registration form.

A copy/scan of the Centerlink/Veteran Affairs cards for each applicant must be supplied with this application. The address displayed on the card must be the same as that of the animal owner.

Do you have a desexed animal registration you would like this pension concession applied to?

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