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  • Rates Re-valuation: If a re-calculation of rates has been done based on a change in valuation,
    please attach a copy of letter received advising change in valuation in the proof of payment field below.
  • Settlement: If the payment was made prior to settlement (sale) of a property, council requires:
    written confirmation from both solicitors that the requestor is entitled to have the money transferred and
    proof of all payments that make up the amount to refund/transfer.
  • Credit Balance: If a credit balance is showing on your rates assessment, council requires
    proof of all payments that make up the amount you wish to transfer/refund.
  • Incorrect Reference: If you identified that you may have used an incorrect reference, council requires
    proof of all payments that make up the amount to refund/transfer.

Tick your reason for refund/transfer and provide the information requested.

Date of settlement
Method of payment for credit balance/overpayment
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Please attach the supporting documents requested above according to the reason for refund/transfer.

Bank statements and receipts from bank accounts being used as proof of payment must display details for the account holder, account details and payment made.

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  • File names should not contain any special characters.
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