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Prelodgement meeting request

A prelodgement meeting with council officers maybe requested with a minimum of two weeks notice.

Overlay Map Change Request

Council will accept applications to review the following planning scheme overlay mapping - Bushfire hazard, Coastal hazard overlay, Environmental areas overlay, Flood check property report, Flood hazard overlay, Landslide hazard, Overland flow, Riparian and wetland setbacks.

Online fee calculator 
 Application typesInstructions
Stallholder expression of interest

Apply to hold a stall at an upcoming council event.

 Application typesInstructions
Land for Wildlife (Over 1 Hectare)

Submit an expression of interest to register your property as Land for Wildlife.

Immunisation records request

Submit a request for immunisation records.

 Application typesInstructions
Artwork Loan AgreementGenerate an artwork loan agreement.
Community artwork expression of interest 
 Application typesInstructions
Waste services paymentCustomer service use only
GIS Map fee paymentCustomer service use only
Building search feesCustomer service use only
Customer Service generated flood searchCustomer service use only