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Select the payment type.

  • Rates
  • Infringement
  • Animal registration
  • Licence
  • Property debts
  • Sundry debts
  • Hall & Park bookings
  • Applications
 Payment TypeDescription
RatesMake a rates payment.
Payment must be made in full. Partial payment for fines over $200 can be made at Council's Customer Service Centre.
 Payment TypeDescription
Parking Ticket

Moreton Bay Regional Council-issued parking fines.

Local Law Infringement

Overgrown allotments, roadside advertising of vehicles for sale or unauthorised signs, unauthorised use of vehicle in park/reserve.

Animal Infringement

Unregistered, unrestrained, dangerous, excess or prohibited animals.

Environment Infringement

Environment Infringements

Public Health

Public Health Infringements

Food Infringement

Food Infringements

Statutory Building Infringement

Pool fencing and signage. Environmental Protection Agency infringement notices including lack of erosion protection measures and pollution.

 Payment TypeDescription

Annual dog registration renewals.


Annual cat registration renewals.

 Payment TypeDescription
LicencePayments for
  • Health licences
  • Sign licences
  • Backflow device licences

Changes to your licence details need to be confirmed in writing or via email.

Please contact Unitywater for payment of Trade waste and Water carrier licences

 Payment TypeDescription
Debtors [property]

Pay invoices for property-related debts e.g. Overgrown allotments, Legal fees.

Please check the payment section to ensure you have selected the correct payment type.

 Payment TypeDescription
Sundry Debtor Payments

Pay invoices for sundry debtors e.g. Leases and Waste charges.

Please check the payment section on your invoice/notice to ensure you have selected the correct payment type.

 Payment TypeDescription
Hall & Park BookingsPayment of confirmed hall, park & Caboolture Hub Learning and Business Centre bond and hire fees.
 Payment TypeDescription
Application paymentPayments for:
  • Additional plumbing or building application fees
  • Confirmed festival site fees